Sun in Virgo Sextile Saturn in Cancer

I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” 

Elizabeth I, Queen of England (Sun in Virgo house VIII sextile Saturn in Cancer, House VII)

Saturn sextile the Sun in the eighth house proves to be a powerful aspect even though traditional western astrology denotes Saturn being a bit of a downer on the joyful Sun.

Not a soul can attest to Queen Elizabeth I NOT being a powerful woman, tenacious to the last. All of which was learnt through painful early experiences whilst young at the hands of her family, so typical of this placement of Saturn. She feared death at the hands of her family for many years.

With Saturn in the 7th, relationships can be difficult to deal with, requiring discipline and maturity at all costs and at all times to avoid utter chaos..the placement can be an indication of a reserved personality burnt by the fires of rejection, abandonment and fear – however with maturity comes understanding, and many with this placement evolve to have heartfelt relationships that stand the test of time – they are scarred on the way with each scar being a PhD in deciphering others. With the Sun in house eight firing up the need for hidden knowledge of all kinds, the sadness of Saturn in the 7th is almost forgotten when delving into the deep occult. A relationship with learning – until learning is  physically impossible is denoted by the Sun in the eighth house. This aspect marries the discipline of Saturn with the energy of the Sun to create an education machine!

The benefic sextile can endow a person with the best traits of both planets. It gives a clear vision with excellent organisation skills and the stamina to carry any project to a successful conclusion, come what may.

Yet the person makes no enemies whilst attending to life. This aspect makes a person the epitome of  honor, the height of kindness with buckets of consideration..most of the time. When challenged, knowing they are absolutely right – they will NEVER back down even if the whole world is against them – see above quote!

This aspect can denote success in political and leadership positions. The person often benefits by legacies in all forms, with real recognition and success in career generally delayed until middle age.


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