Saturn in Aries, Sun in Aquarius

“Science is the greatest creative impulse of our time. It dominates the intellectual scene and forms our lives, not only in the material things which it has given us, but also in that it guides our spirit”

Polykarp Kusch – Author, teacher and physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics 1955

An exquisite mind, with a unique name, Polykarp Kusch really was in the realms of genius. Sun in Aquarius is always perceived as quick thinking, always brimming with new ideas. In the eighth house, the house of investigative powers as it is with Mr Kusch, one can clearly see that his efforts in science readily show in his natal chart.

Sun in Aquarius is  always depicted as an eternal friend of humanity, believing in the brotherhood of man. In its highest form, science CAN also be the friend of humanity. The ideal for the Sun in Aquarius native is a universal collective in harmony. Mr Kusch brought these qualities together beautifully, being both a friend to science and humanity with his work, and bringing clarity and harmony in his scientific specialism.

Saturn in Aries is a placement that denotes a deep need to be cautious and careful, excellent traits for a scientist who lives and breaths proper controls in experiments – there can be no definitive result without proper controls and Mr Kusch won the Nobel Prize for his thorough work in physics in that regard.  Physics was his life-blood and he was a pioneer in quantum electrodynamics, forwarding knowledge on electrons. How very Sun in Aquarius. There is something electric about the Aquarian mind, how very resonant to his life, harmonic even.

As previous posts confirm, Saturn gets a bad rap, but really it is our greatest teacher. The trick is to utilize the discipline of Saturn under whatever sign it falls, knowing that it really is a guide and not the old monster biting your head off. Mr Kusch made use of his Saturn even in Aries, and in so doing, enabled us to benefit from his discipline. Let us all listen to our teachers more, Mr Kusch being one of them.



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