Chiron Through the Signs

I hope you enjoy reading the following interpretations of Chiron through the signs. As you will find, Chiron placed anywhere can denote what is often described as a weakness. A wound. Even one that does not heal. I would like to make it clear from the outset that any weakness found with your Chiron placement can be turned into a strength, so even in the darkest times, Chiron is a guiding light in getting to the crux of ever repeating issues in one’s life. Wounds may not heal fully, but they can be taken care of to a point where they are bearable. Or at least, we find a way to live in spite of our wounds. Pondering on Chiron in your natal chart can be an avenue to enlightened healing, resilience and the passing on of gifts you never knew you had.

Chiron in Pisces

Revelling in their own suffering, Chiron in Pisces can suffer from a ‘victim mentality’. That’s not to say that they have not experienced real suffering. It’s just that they make sure everyone around them knows it and they play over the suffering internally, to their detriment. Chiron in Pisces natives can also attract people who suffer from a ‘victim mentality’, meaning that they can wear themselves into the ground for others, neglecting their own needs. Chiron in Pisces natives, need to work hard to find balance in their lives between pity and mercy. When successful in this endeavour, Chiron in Pisces benefits society with heartfelt genuine compassion. In rare supply, it seems these days if the news is anything to go by.

Chiron in Aries

Identity can be the part of you that can be hard hit with Chiron in Aries. You may struggle to find yourself in a world where you find suffering everywhere. This placement can denote a tough early life, physically and psychologically. You may have to fight many battles to find out who you are. Chiron here is not an easy placement but you can be sure anyone that has this placement understands pain like no-one else. They make excellent crisis counsellors and are the go-to friend in any emergency. They have an innate resilience born from hardship. They may have wounds, but be sure that Chiron in Aries knows exactly how to deal with them, to the benefit of all around them, ultimately.

Chiron in Taurus

Chiron in Taurus natives can tend to believe that material worth equates to their own self-worth if they fail on keeping up with the Joneses. They can feel less than as a human being if they don’t have the latest of everything. Self-esteem can be hard won with this placement. Chiron in Taurus can also shun materiality to the extreme, the polarity of materialism, denying themselves any kind of comfort just to show the world they need absolutely nothing from it. The healing from this wound is also hard won, but when achieved they can pass on to the next generation excellent tools for managing self-esteem. Currently, with the advent of social media, self-esteem should be the top of all parent’s agendas.

Chiron in Gemini

Chiron in Gemini is the placement of a psychological wound in the realms of communication. Not being listened to by parents or peers can leave these natives feeling unheard their whole lives. They then end up either shouting above others for the rest of their lives punishing others as they were punished, or they clam up and are never heard again. The trick with this placement is to find your voice. Once they do, these natives can make excellent teachers of communication skills that have been hard won in the battle of finding their voice in a world where they feel no one is listening. The symbol of Chiron is often depicted with a child riding on his back, denoting the passing of education on to the next generation. Good communication skills are a gift that these natives are adept at passing on.

 Chiron in Cancer

The natives with Chiron in Cancer often find that they have issues with their mother. This can work out in power struggles, or in abandonment issues at an early age. This could leave anyone with complexes to deal with, but these natives have a strong need to be nurtured. They feel any family issue more acutely, therefore struggle incredibly in their efforts to be loved, especially by their mother. This experience can eat them away to their obvious detriment, but can also act as their catalyst – to show the world exactly what nurturing is, and at the same time, giving THEMSELVES the love they truly deserve. Chiron in Cancer has the potential to show the world a love it has never seen before, through the pain of mothering and motherhood.

Chiron in Leo

Chiron in Leo natives. They are all about creativity. They want the world to know their creations, but when these are criticised or mocked, the pain in these natives is palpable and deep. A cutting remark about their creative endeavours can literally wound these natives more than a physical act of violence. Think of the small child being told that dancing is silly, or that they should not be an artist, but a lawyer or doctor. Chiron in Leo is the wound of artists, and like all good artists – they must overcome blocks to their creativity, with the strength of their character. Once this is achieved, the artist in them is artistically healed. They pass on their artistic insight to the world, showing others the gifts of creativity.

Chiron in Virgo

Chiron in Virgo can be tormented with issues surrounding their health. Even in perfect health, these natives are often preoccupied with sustaining said health, worrying themselves into the ground with Dr Google. They soon learn, though, that anxiety itself is a health issue. Once this is realised by these natives, they are keen to pass on their knowledge and have excellent skills healing others. As is true with the sign of Virgo, service sits well with Chiron also, as the legend of Chiron attests to the great healing service he was known for.

Chiron in Libra

Chiron in Libra is the wound of relationships. They may be adept at defensiveness, non-committal, evasive – and yet crave true union. This paradox can feel like a ball and chain to the Chiron in Libra native, and they swear off connecting with people because they just can’t take the pain anymore.

When the battle for peace and harmony at any cost is over, when they have used up all their defensiveness and just relax into being themselves, they have begun to heal the fear of commitment and show others what true commitment looks like. They learn the adage well, ‘when you love someone, let them go’. We all need to learn relationship skills sometimes and Chiron in Libra natives are adept at guiding others through the maze of relationships.

 Chiron in Scorpio

The concept of regeneration plays out in these natives lives regularly. They may find themselves in situations that others would not wish on their worst enemy – yet they survive and are reborn time and time again. Loss of important people in their lives may weigh heavily on their souls, and leave them battling with grief… again, they rise and show the world, that after death there is a rebirth. They show others that life does go on, but in learning this they have had to suffer more than most. Grief is a road that Chiron in Scorpio natives travels with humility, they make excellent counsellors due to their extensive life experience in matters most people shy away from. Rare souls indeed.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Faith is of paramount importance to Chiron in Sagittarius. That is not to say that they are avid followers of a mainstream religion, in fact, they could well be sworn atheists. Either way, faith plays an important role in their minds, or souls if the native will even admit to having one! The wisdom of the ages can be met with indifference to the Chiron in Sagittarius native if they just do not connect with it. Yet, they hanker after true meaning that they can experience as joy and wisdom. Once they open to the realisation that wisdom and joy come from within, they learn to express their faith in more personal ways, thereby gaining a profound spiritual awareness. They then go on to teach others that faith is an individual journey and that there is no compulsion in faith. A lesson many of us still need to learn.

Chiron in Capricorn

These natives may struggle to attain their place in society, or at least that is how it will seem to Chiron in Capricorn, even if they hit the heady heights of corporate stardom or the top of any career ladder. Feelings of inadequacy will haunt them until they know and feel their true worth. Not easy for any of us, but these natives need to really KNOW they are great to be able to function. Once the weakness is identified in their foundation, rest assured that this astrological placement attests to hard work until the weakness becomes a strength. Therefore, they turn a negative into a positive and make excellent consultants to business leaders in any field they have set their heart on. They know what it is to feel inferior and they can help others to overcome their lack of confidence in dealing with the public.

Chiron in Aquarius

Aquarius, often associated with genius tends to bring bright ideas ahead of their time in Chiron. Think of great inventors working in poverty trying to convince the world that their invention will save the world, but no one is listening. Even worse, they may be ridiculed and suffer isolation for their bizarre and new age ideas and thoughts. A bitter wound for Chiron in Aquarius. They wish to be of assistance to mankind, but like all great minds, they are often misunderstood by lesser ones and shunned. The Chiron in Aquarius native whilst brilliantly intellectual may struggle to see any one’s point of view but their own. Once they learn the lesson that they are part of mankind, and connected even in disagreement – they can be at peace somewhat and learn to share their brilliant ideas without fear of personal wounding, and perhaps to the world’s ultimate benefit. We all need new ideas, never more so than now.


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