The Eighth House Sun

The end is the beginning of all things. Suppressed and hidden, awaiting to be released through the rhythm of pain and pleasure.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Instead of the word ‘house’, perhaps we should use the word ‘gate’. The eighth house is definitely more of a gate that one uses to access a secret savage garden… the kind of place that you may have come across when you were young, knowing that you were going to sneak in there somehow!

The garden gate to the eighth is mostly hidden and impenetrable to passers-by, only being opened by those blessed or cursed enough to be chosen. The Sun in the eighth native is, therefore, the chosen beholder of a key, which opens the gate to hidden realms. That savage garden has sweet flowers of psychic ability, mystical buds of intuition and calming healing springs. It also has vicious thorns of sudden death, brutal secrets with stinging roots and weeds of pain and abuse that are difficult to deal with.

So for all the wonderful gifts of the eighth house (gate), it is clear that these gifts are brought about by almost karmic events that seem to have a dramatic effect on an individual when the Sun is in the eighth. The native finds themselves having to rebuild their lives many times over, through circumstances they think could never have happened to them. To most people, when these awful life changing events occur, they just can not cope. To the eighth house Sun native, they seem to thrive, grow and adapt to situations like no other person on Earth.

They absorb pain and use it. To help themselves, but also to help others who perhaps do not bounce back as easily. Born healers, they understand the cyclical nature of life and reassure the rest of us that life does indeed continue after death.

They seem to have an innate knowledge of the unseen. It’s not a religious knowledge, intellectualised with a dogma – it is more of a ‘knowing’ that is felt, rather than spoken about. People are drawn to them because they just feel that they understand, especially in life and death matters. They just know you know?

This gift can work out in other ways too, less desirable to many and perhaps darkly desirable to a few! The eighth house Sun native has the knack of getting people’s skeletons out of their closets. This can cause much embarrassment. The fallout is usually harsh, so a piece of advice to these natives… keep some of those skeletons a deep secret buried in the savage garden of the eighth house if you do not wish to suffer or cause suffering.

A warning to end with, ominously. Pragmatically, though, as all of these natives know… we are all on a vast, luscious journey and the choices we make have shaped our pasts – influence our present – and have repercussions far into the future. Blessings can be repercussions too, although they are often missed or taken advantage of… by all of us.



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