Uranus in the Ninth House

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give,

To roam the roads of lands remote,

To travel is to live.”

Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography (Uranus in the Ninth House)

The ninth house in astrology is the house of writers. When coupled with Uranus, these natives are on a journey to seek knowledge in all its forms. They then regularly go on to convey that knowledge, perhaps in new ways never considered – to new audiences. Absorbing information, disseminating it and philosophizing are the pastimes of writers and the holders of this placement seem to excel at providing us with new ways to look at the world, putting those supposed ‘pastimes’ to good use.

Uranus in the ninth house provides writers with this placement a veritable treasure chest of potential stories that always yearn to be released – these stories garnered from exotic travels both physical, mental and spiritual. Unusual journeys to far-flung places do much to excite this astrological position, and wanderlust is the fuel of many of the best stories ever written.

The ninth house speaks to the higher mind, with a language of metaphor, symbolism, and spirituality. Often these conversations begin in the mind after a crisis or even in the middle of a crisis and again, this is a fruitful crop; writers that hold Uranus in this house – they are destined for exciting adventures! They have a way of pouring out the musings of the higher mind in ways that speak to the whole of humanity in their writing. Utopia is a real place that exists and they want everyone to know. It’s just that not everyone necessarily agrees with their views on Utopia, which is not what these natives expect.

That’s where the rebel aspect of this placement can produce radical thoughts and musings that do not always sit well with the masses, creating tension and discord in themselves and others. The more they are disagreed with, the more radical they can become…just for rebellion’s sake. A measured, methodical and diplomatic approach to controversy needs to be developed in these natives so that they do not become needlessly rebellious, upsetting nobody’s apple-cart but their own!

A sense of personal freedom should also to be developed with this placement, to allow the individual to grow and develop their own specific set of values that work for them…not bound by the constraints of tradition or the times. These natives often hold a uniqueness that can be a wonderful gift to society providing hungry minds with much-needed learning and expansion. We all love new concepts, new stories, and in the case of Hans Christian Andersen he provided us with so many original fairy tales that still enlighten young and old minds to this day.


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