Pluto in the Eighth House

But better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.

D. H. Lawrence, Writer. (Pluto in the 8th House)

Pluto is at home in the eighth house, ruled by Scorpio. How apt that D. H Lawrence should have this position in his astrological chart because it truly does explain the lust and passion that was prevalent in his literature. Sex is almost magical with this placement and can be transformative for the individual, for good or ill. Powerful Pluto in the house of the taboo means that the holder of this placement will have an exciting unrepetitive life by most people’s standards, veering from absolute celibacy to outrageous promiscuity, and everything in between. The individual is on a mission to test their Plutonian energy and sex is an excellent release in the Eighth house.

It can get dark and nasty with Pluto in the eighth. Exceedingly so. It is important for holders of this placement to have a release either through physical exertion or creative activity to release unspent sexual tension especially. Channeling the darkness into literature is an excellent way to make use of this placement, as D.H Lawrence most certainly did.

It has been said that those with this placement are destined to go through much turmoil through fluctuating life circumstances, to make transformation almost an art form. Rest assured that they are well aware of this deep down, and can rise from the ashes of a fire of their own making as easily as the Phoenix in the old legends. Transformation is at the heart of this house, not death per say as is usually noted. Change is never easy, but if anyone can deal with it, it is the holder of Pluto in the eighth.

This placement tends to a path that is indeed filled with many opportunities for transformation. Like giving birth, the process can be painful, yet it is sacred. The wisdom gained by holders of this chart placement is usually never wasted and the power that is gained from surviving so many re-births will make this individual a fantastic friend, or a fanatical foe as well as an expert advisor.

Lastly, it is always best for the holder of this chart placement to err on the side of caution when involved with other people’s money (another aspect of the eighth house) and work on the premise that as you sow, so shall you reap in all financial transactions. Karma seems to hold these natives to strict account, which can make these individuals excellent caretakers of other people’s funds, or downright thieves when working from the darker realms of their psyche.

So, as is to be expected from an eighth house Pluto placement…life is not always sweetness and light, it helps to know your shadow side too. Pluto introduces you to your shadow, and secretly…you will like it, especially in the eighth.


With grateful thanks to Simon Harriyott via Flickr for the photo.


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