Mars in the Eighth House

“The things a man has to have are hope and confidence in himself against odds… And he must be ready to choose death before dishonour without making too much song and dance about it.”

Clark Gable, Actor (Mars in the Eighth House)

Mars in the eighth house gives what some might deem a fighting spirit. Not in the sense that the native is forever having physical fights. But there is always a battle going on behind the scenes in some way, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Emotions are intense with an eighth house Mars, and this can go both ways. Intense emotions can make one assertive, powerful and strong. In the wrong place with the wrong people, this can make for intense struggles with those that may oppose this native’s way of life or opinion. The fighting spirit can be ignited easily in these individuals, and when they choose to fight for something, they never give up. EVER. They would rather die, without fanfare if necessary…as Clark Gable attests in the quote above.

As is customary with an eighth house placement of any planet, but especially Mars…sex is an intense and important experience with this placement. Amorous lovers abound with Mars in the eighth and when looking at Clark Gable, it is clear that he was an amorous man who loved playing the field. He was also a predator in this regard, and this is the fault of Mars in the eighth. Not everyone wishes to be prey. These natives need to respect that others are not always as intense as them…this should ALWAYS be respected. The saga with Loretta Young is a case in point.

However, do not think that this placement makes for an ugly minded individual, it’s just that their intensity needs to be channelled. When Clark Gable met his match in his third wife, Carole Lombard he was the epitome of the happy husband. He loved her immensely and as can happen in love and life, she tragically died in a plane crash. Clark Gable was devastated, and whilst he continued his acting career, and even married again….he was never the same.

The intensity of love and emotions with this placement can make a person the most heart warming protective and nurturing person on Earth, who will fight for your honour and be your veritable knight in shining armour. The dark side of the Eighth is always there of course, which gives these individuals an intoxicating aura and charisma. Channelled well and used constructively, Mars in the Eighth is a powerful placement that will make for an intense and interesting life, full of battles fighting for the greater good.

I will end with another Clark Gable quote which sums up the ultimate goal of all individuals with this placement. Of course, this will go for many of us…but I will wager that this is a particularly important battle for all those natives with Mars residing in the deep and wondrous eighth house.

“I want so badly to believe that there is truth, that love is real”


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