Moon in the Seventh House, in Leo

“Anxiety and spiritual searching have been consistent themes with me, and that figures into my worldview. But I tend to make my songs sound like relationship songs.”

David Bowie, RIP (Moon in 7th House, in Leo)
English Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Record Producer, Arranger, Painter, and Actor.

Relationships of all kinds are the main theme of the 7th house. When the Moon is positioned within its environs, relationships and emotions are closely interlinked. Couple all of that with this placement in Leo, emotions concerning relating to another human soul are all important. They must be brought out in the open for these natives.

It is clear that the late, great, David Bowie had a tendency to link his music with the subtle nuances of relationships. He certainly was able to connect with an audience, perhaps like no other.

Another factor of having the Moon in the 7th house and relationships is the constant need to be in one, regardless. This can have the effect of making any port in a storm ‘the one’. It can signify that a person will ‘kiss many frogs’ before finding their actual prince or princess. When in Leo, the Moon so desperately wants to be the centre of attention that they will do whatever it takes (within reason, so as not to harm their reputation!), to be in a relationship. These natives like to connect, to one or many. David Bowie certainly had his fair share of romantic relationships, but it is also clear that he was a man that liked to connect to the masses.

These natives prefer to have relationships with people that are sensitive, nurturing and in contact with their emotions – all qualities usually linked with the Moon. Their own feelings are indeed close to the surface, sometimes too much. They like those folk who wear their hearts on their sleeves, as they do. They feel safe and understood when they can see their own emotions in someone else, and in turn, they have excellent empathic abilities.

It is clear that David Bowie’s music touched so many hearts. The meaning intertwined within his lyrics, means so much in different ways, to so many. A beautiful representation of the feelings of the Moon, in the house of relationships – coupled with the performing and artistic capabilities of the Leo archetype.

David Bowie also portrayed another possibility in how this placement can play out in life. We all know of the many phases that David Bowie went through, adopting alter-ego’s as if he were changing his shirt… or that’s how it seemed. How we loved him for it!

These natives have a tendency to ‘act out’ different ‘faces’, by way of experimentation, but also as a way to explore their own psyche. Their character can change on a dime. This is obviously an excellent trait to have for a performing artist but can bring up issues in intimate, one-to-one relationships. Partnerships for these natives have to satisfy their changing temperaments.It is only later in life that this quality matures enough so as to allow the native to ‘settle down’ with ‘the one’, to experience a true intimacy that they have been searching for, perhaps their whole lives.

Photo: David Bowie performing at Tweeter Center outside Chicago in Tinley Park, IL, U.S.A on August 8, 2002. Photo by Adam Bielawski


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