Draconic Astrology – The Soul Chart

“The Draconic chart is a summary of lives we have lived up until now (though perhaps not all of them…as we may only bring a part of ourselves into an incarnation).

When people come along to an astrologer, they are usually in some quandary or crisis. The Draconic chart is the thing that helps them most. This has been proved time after time, over the past 20 years.”

Rev. Pamela A.F. Crane, (DFAstrolS, DMSAstrol, DPCCH)

Draconic astrology is now becoming an insightful and popular tool to use in the art of astrology. However, information on this type of chart is hard to find and even harder to understand!

I hope to bring you the basic facts about Draconic astrology in this article, with more to follow.

I shall touch on what a Draconic chart actually is and how you can use it to further analyse your astrological positions and perhaps yourself…here we go!

What does ‘Draconic’ mean?

The word ‘Draconic’ derives from the latin word meaning ‘like a dragon’. The word is in reference to the fact that in a Draconic chart, the North Node (also referred to as the ‘Dragon’s head’ and the South Node (also referred to as the ‘Dragon’s tail) are important points for the raising of this chart.

How do I raise a Draconic astrology chart?

In a tropical astrological chart (and others),  you will find your North Node in any one of the houses it was found in at the time of your birth, according to its position in the sky – it could be anywhere.

In a Draconic chart, the usual placing of your North Node should be aligned to 0° Aries instead – this is the new starting point of your new chart. All of the other planets in your Natal chart will now also change, as you return your Natal chart North Node to the Draconic chart starting point, 0° Aries.

You will find that perhaps the Draconic chart brings up a completely different planetary placement to your natal chart, although if your North Node is already at 0° Aries, it will not….how interesting!

To raise a Draconic chart online, you can visit www.astro.com. They have an extended chart selection page.

But how is this chart useful and how should it be read?!

The Draconic chart was designed to be read in conjunction with your Natal chart, to deepen understanding and enhance it in relation to your life/soul. If the Natal chart is the map of your life and its potentials in this current existence, then the Draconic chart is the map of your soul and its past. Rev. Pamela Crane puts it beautifully in the following statement:

“A Draconic chart describes the belief-system, the guiding principles brought by the soul from its past experience into the current life”

From that insight, you can see why the Draconic chart is becoming incredibly popular and ‘mainstream’ as a way of understanding yourself from a deeper, soul perspective.

It is a fascinating comparison, to find that as a Natal Sun in Virgo, you actually convey a different Sun sign completely in the Draconic chart – and this may resonate with you if you are one of many people that say…”But I’m nothing like a Virgo!”  You may find yourself to be a Draconic Capricorn in your ‘soul’, which will explain those Saturnian traits a bit more!

I hope this primer has opened up some novice (AKA me!) astrological minds to the potentials of Draconic astrology as a reference tool in addition to the Natal chart we all know and love.

In the next article on Draconic astrology, I will cover more aspects of reading a Draconic Chart such as conjunctions of planets between the Natal/Draconic charts and what they can symbolise.

Thanks for reading folks, until the next time the planets align.


2 thoughts on “Draconic Astrology – The Soul Chart

    • As I understand it, fixed stars in the Natal chart, will appear in the same sign in the Draconic chart, but the house they affect may change, therefore shedding light on the souls previous journey/incarnation, and how that may apply to the Natal, (current) chart. For example, Spica in my personal natal hits my 9th house, conjunct Uranus, in my Draconic, Spica is in the 7th with no conjunctions. It is always in Libra, at 23 degrees, but there are differences to their energy in comparing the charts. Hope this helps, and thank you for your question 🙂


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