Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Moon Analysis

“Man, is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so, he is their quintessence.”

 Paracelsus, (1453-1541), Philosopher, Physician, Botanist, Astrologer. 

I chose the above-referenced quote of Paracelsus, as I found it reminded me of the meaning of astrology, quite eloquently. We are indeed all star dust, made of earth, moving through time at The Creator’s will. The Creator made the stars and planets as a guide and a map, and astrology is sometimes used as a map of the psyche, and of the human soul.

The Draconic chart deals with the soul, and its passage through the journey of time. As our consciousness passes through the ages, our soul is on a journey of development, as set by The Creator. The Draconic chart, read in conjunction with the Natal chart is an excellent view into the unspoken consciousness that is within us all. On initial comparison of a Natal/Draconic chart, you may see no use of it at all…’What, I’m now a Capricorn?!’, can seem incredulous at first.

Look further, and perhaps you will find that your Natal ascendant is in Capricorn, or, you have planets in Capricorn. Perhaps this is what the Draconic chart points to…connections between your ‘soul’ and your current journey in time, in this existence.

Making sense of the connections is fascinating, and perhaps enlightening to progress in your ‘soul’s’ development. I wish you well on your journey and hope you enjoy my series on the planet connections in the Draconic chart. Again, I shall use the Natal/Draconic comparison of the late, great Marc Bolan as a working example, throughout.


The Moon – Draconic/Natal Comparison & Aspects

Feelings and emotions will play a significant role in your current life path if the Moon is in aspect and the theme of the house it is situated in will play its part as well – as it does in evaluating a Natal chart, not to mention the type of aspect.

The difference to bear in mind when evaluating the Draconic chart is that it concerns itself with inner workings, the soul, your subconscious impulses that you perhaps are unaware of… or are too acutely aware of.

As the Moon is cyclical, so is the world of our emotions – you may need to harness and navigate your emotions in a way to progress if the Moon is aspected or in a different house position to your Natal. Opportunities will no doubt present themselves time and again in the soul’s journey until you fulfil the Draconic aspects noted requirement as set by The Creator, which is the soul’s growth.

Learning the art of reflection with regards to emotions can help any aspect to be worked out, should it be a square/opposition. In the case of a conjunction/trine, the effects should be positive, but again – reflection is key. Gifts can be squandered.

In Marc Bolan’s Draconic/Natal comparison, his Natal Moon is in the 4th house, Aries. His Draconic Moon is in the 2nd house, in Aquarius. In essence, his soul had a requirement to obtain wealth (2nd house) through the use of his feelings (Moon), in a novel, perhaps pioneering, way (Aquarius).

His Natal points to his character in his life – a love of family/home (4th house), nurturing, sensitive, emotional and intuitive to familial needs (Moon), and an energetic leader, somewhat hot-headed, but passionate (Aries).

In his short life, one can theorise that this is exactly what Marc Bolan’s soul was all about. He was a pioneer (Aquarius) in the musical atmosphere of the 70’s, and he was most certainly gifted and unique, in both music and style.

He went on to achieve wealth (2nd house Draconic Moon) from his always poignant, entertaining work, often about his passionate feelings, learned perhaps from his home life and family relationships (4th house Natal Moon).

None of the Draconic information detracts from the validity of the Natal chart, but in some ways, the Draconic chart enhances one’s view of a person shedding light on a person’s soul in conjunction with their current life. A 360° appraisal for growth!

astro_203gw_50_marc_bolan-13274-4858With grateful thanks for the use of their wonderful website, www.astro.com.


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