Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart

“I personally believe that I was… in a previous life or something… a previous reincarnation, a ‘bard‘ of some sort, because most of the things I write about are descriptions of places I’ve never been to.”

Marc Bolan (Natal: Sun in Libra. Draconic: Sun in Leo.)

British rock musician, guitarist, vocalist, founder of “T-Rex” in 1967.

As mentioned in my previous post on Draconic astrology, it is helpful to read the Draconic chart in conjunction with your Natal chart. The differences in the charts can be startling, but when you start to dig deeper, you will perhaps come across elements of the Draconic chart that ring truer than the traditional Natal aspects you know so well.

At the least, the comparison of the charts will open your mind to the reasons why you may differ to others in your sign or placement. A Draconic ‘connection’ to your Natal chart, through conjunctions, trines, squares, and oppositions will highlight specific areas that are permeating your current life. More on these aspects later.

In Draconic astrology, it has been proposed that the Draconic chart is the Natal chart of your previous lifetime. This inclines one to theorise that astrological connections between the two, point to karmic lessons or gifts carried over to an individual’s current life. Perhaps that is why it is becoming seen as incredibly useful in astrological chart readings at times of crisis in a native’s chart, to refer to the Draconic/Natal comparison.

Crisis often feels karmic. Destined. From a psychological perspective – it can help to heal or engage with your ‘soul’ (whatever you may conceive that to be), referring back to what has gone before so as to ‘learn from the past’ or even put the past totally to rest.

The Draconic chart, the theorised past life map – is, therefore, an excellent tool in the psychological astrologer’s pocket.

Now on to particular elements of the Draconic chart, using the chart of the late, great Marc Bolan as a working example.

The Draconic Sun

Arguably, there is more emphasis placed on the Sun in the Natal chart as being a reflection of yourself, then the Draconic Sun – after all the Natal pertains to your current life, and that is more important to the vast majority of us. Still, it can be helpful to see if there are any connections that may resonate. Some people do find they identify with their Draconic Sun, more than their Natal Sun. This is the case especially, if there are many ‘connections’ to the Draconic Sun, almost heightening the Draconic Sun’s effect.

In the case of Marc Bolan, a Natal Libran…his Draconic Sun is in Leo. The sign of great artists, performers, and leaders. This sits well with his Libran Natal Sun, lover of beauty and refinement. Perhaps he was living out the pride of his Leo Sun when he became the lead singer of T-Rex! An interesting theory.

The Draconic Ascendant

This aspect of the chart presents the native’s inherited (karmic) personality traits, their innate, internal spiritual leanings and aspects of their deep rooted psyche. This differs to the traditional ascendent connotations of ‘the identity you present to the world’. The Draconic Ascendant is what your soul can’t help but present to the world, what perhaps you are ‘in your gut’. In the case of Marc Bolan, his Natal ascendant was Sagittarius.

In his Draconic chart, a Libra ascendant. His Natal sun sign, coincidentally. The sign ruled by Venus. An apt fit for Marc Bolan, known for his Venusian attributes (beauty, style, finesse), which he could not help to portray in so much of his work.

The Draconic Midheaven

This aspect pertains to what the soul would like to accomplish. As the Midheaven denotes your career choices in the Natal chart, in the Draconic chart, every aspect takes a more spiritual bent, even career choices. The general feeling of all Draconic aspects is inward intuition, spiritual aspiration and ways the soul needs to move forward on a deep level to attain ultimate growth. This is the opposite tack of the Natal, which is more how you relate and operate in the external world, giving you a snapshot into your psyche, rather than your soul.

The Draconic Midheaven, therefore, refers to the spiritual work you wish to accomplish in this life. In the case of Marc Bolan’s chart, his Natal Midheaven is in Libra. Yes, you can see that, again, he most definitely portrayed his Libran attributes in his career!

As I mentioned previously, Marc Bolan was well known for his unique style, a veritable fashion icon…now look at the Draconic Midheaven…in Leo. Again, he was fulfilling his spiritual quest, his internal soul desire to receive recognition, adoration and appreciation in his life. Leo on the Draconic Midheaven also points to a soul who desires to lead other souls. Marc Bolan was not only the leader of T-Rex but also an icon for a whole generation with his unique take on love, life and music.

More on the ‘connections’ between the Natal and Draconic charts and how they can be perceived in the next article in this category. For now, I hope you have enjoyed delving into the depths of Draconic astrology! I leave you with the chart of the late, great, Marc Bolan:


With thanks to www.astro.com for their wonderfully free chart creation service!



10 thoughts on “Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart

  1. I love this series on Draconic Astrology and it prompted me to read my own… I’ve always wondered about the lack of fire in my chart but when I did the draconic/natal bi-wheel, 8th house draconic Mars is actually conjunct natal 10th house Jupiter…wow. Natal Moon is opposite draconic Pluto that is also conjunct natal Neptune. Yikes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad it is inspiring you to look at your Draconic chart…it is a veritable treasure chest of insights when in comparison to the Natal, like you, I find things ‘pop out’ at me, which makes me spend hours investigating it!! Re; your Natal Moon/Opposite Draconic Pluto, conjunct Natal neptune…that makes for one hell of a powerful poet/astrologer! The 8th house Draconic Mars conjunct Natal Jupiter…another powerful aspect! I hope to touch on all of these planets in the series, fingers crossed 🙂 If you would like to be a guest blogger on astrocollective…just let me know, I would happy to blog your musings, giving you FULL credit of course! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • If your Draconic is the same as your Natal, or as near as possible, then it can be determined that there are no specific contraindications between your soul’s needs/path (Draconic chart), and your current or ‘Natal’ chart…one can say that the person with this configuration is ‘in sync’!


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