Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Venus Analysis

“The whole order of nature evinces a progressive march towards a higher life.”

Helena Blavatsky – Russian Author & Occultist (Venus in Libra)

Each one of us is on our own personal ‘march’ towards a more enlightened existence, and this quote brought that home eloquently. Draconic astrology is a useful tool in trying to understand our journey in-depth, perhaps enhancing our understanding of ourselves and our purpose in this life, past lives and the next life.

I now march on(!), with the next in the ‘reading the chart’ series in relation to Draconic astrology, and hope that the following evaluation may assist in understanding your own Draconic/Natal comparison a little better. As ever, I am using the chart of the late, great, Marc Bolan as a working example.

Venus – Draconic/Natal Comparison & Aspects

Venus in the Draconic chart concerns itself with the inner workings of relationships, the inner perception of beauty, art, refinement and good taste. The attributes of Venus also apply in Draconic astrology as you can tell, but again – everything has an ‘inner’ perspective in this field of astrology. Again, the placement of Venus through the signs, and in aspect may throw further twists into the astrological picture.

On looking at Marc Bolan’s Natal chart, we see Venus in Libra. Venus rules Libra, so it is a happy position. With Venus in the 10th house, it points to a person who may make his career choice connected to the trappings of Venus… a distinct interest in the arts, the love and acquiring of many friends, the need to be style conscious and a lover of harmony. That sounds like a great mix…but it does not bode well for a completely successful career, if you always want to be with your friends (perhaps slightly superficial), are not able to speak up and stand your ground (harmony at all costs), everything is a bit too ‘airy’ for it to just work on that basis..a bit of astrological fire in the belly is required perhaps?

In Marc Bolan’s Draconic chart, his Venus is in Leo. Fire! Somewhat enhancing to the Natal Venus in Libra which fans the flames of the Draconic position of Venus in Leo, inspiring leadership potential in the arts, a love of acting a part and a true lion heart when it comes to loyalty and standing his ground for those he loved.

I would, therefore, theorise looking at the chart comparison, that Marc Bolan successfully applied his Draconic Venus in Leo impulse to progress his Natal Venus in Libra potential, and hey presto…he became the epitome of a successful star, a Venusian Libran artist; airy, harmonic and beautiful (and occasionally irresponsible and superficial!) in many ways…with just a hint of Venusian Leonian fire, charisma and flair  in his belly to make it all work. Just as his soul subconsciously urged him.

Looking further at the Draconic Venus in Leo, we see that it is conjunct his Natal Saturn in the 8th house. This would point to something of a dampener of the Venus qualities and impulses – unless the focus of his Natal Saturn progressed his Draconic Venus. In some ways, it is clear – it did. Saturn focus and responsibility are needed when establishing yourself as a pop/rock star. It takes some grit.

I am sure that his Natal Saturn in the 8th also worked to his detriment on occasion as it is wont to do and the connection between his Draconic Venus may have softened this Natal placement, enough to have allowed love into his life, when desperately needed.

This conjunction between the Draconic/Natal chart would also point to difficulties, perhaps karmic (Saturn in the 8th house), on the love and relationship (Venus) front. Sadly, it seems that Marc Bolan did suffer deep heartache in that respect.

As is reported, his marriage to June Bolan (Child) had begun to fail in the years up to his passing. On the day of his demise by a tragic car accident in September 1977, he was in the company of his backing singer Gloria Jones, who he had begun a relationship with two years earlier.

They were in love and in 1975, Gloria gave birth to Marc’s son. Thankfully, Gloria survived the tragic car crash, but how tragic an end to Marc Bolan’s short life, living until he was only 29. He left behind him many mourners, from his estranged wife, his lover and child – to his mother, and brother. His many fans, to this day – still mourn his passing. An untimely end to a legendary icon of the age.

To end, I hope that this article adds to your astrological knowledge base and shows how even a positive (benefic) planet like Venus, can have its peaks and troughs in the Draconic/Natal chart comparison.

I leave you once again with the Draconic/Natal comparison of the late Marc Bolan, RIP – with grateful thanks to www.astro.com for their free astrological chart service.



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