Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Mercury Analysis

“The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver.”

Edgar Cayce – American Christian Mystic, Founder of A.R.E 

How eloquently put by Edgar Cayce. With that insightful quote in mind…here is the next in the series of articles on reading the Draconic chart, which I hope you will enjoy. This time the ‘loom’ we are evaluating is Mercury.

As per tradition now, a reminder – that it is always a good idea to read a Draconic chart in conjunction with a person’s Natal chart. This will allow you to pick up on planetary connections, similarities or peculiarities between the Draconic/Natal charts with ease, to shed light on areas of potential growth or understanding.

Now… on to the delights of Mercury – using the Draconic/Natal comparison of the late, great Marc Bolan as a working astrological example.

Mercury – Natal/Draconic Comparison & Aspects

Mercury in the Draconic chart does carry some of the similarities of the Natal Mercury, providing such gifts as wit, logic, communication & curiosity…but as always with the Draconic chart, one must ‘look within’. The evaluation of a Draconic Mercury does come down to the use of wit, logic & curiosity; as tools to further your soul’s inner vision, putting inner strength behind thoughts to bring those soul urges to fruition.

Dependent on the house placement and aspects that may arise in any chart, one can say that logic & wit will certainly play an important part in the life of a person, should Mercury be ‘strongly’ aspected. Communication is another area that Mercury covers and it pays to learn not only speaking skills but also listening skills in the case of all Mercurial negative aspects. If the aspects are positive, excellent communication skills will no doubt be noted, specific to the astrological house that Mercury is positioned in.

Looking at Marc Bolan’s chart, we can see he that his Natal Mercury resides in the 11th house, in Libra. This Natal placement confirms his love of working in groups, his love of friendship and art – which made him the life and soul of any party with his witty repartee and engaging conversation. There is also a distinct urge to be heard, so as to relate to others – with this placement.

In Marc Bolan’s Draconic chart, his Mercury is in Virgo. A somewhat balancing placement to the frenetic friendships under Libra! As is always the case with the Draconic chart, Mercury is in the same house as the Natal – the 11th house. Only the sign has changed.

If we look further, we can see ‘connections’ between the Natal/Draconic chart…

  • Natal Mercury opposition Draconic Uranus (Natal: Mercury Trine Uranus)
  • Natal Mercury trine Draconic Pluto
  • Natal Mercury trine Draconic Saturn
  • Natal Mercury square Draconic Midheaven

We can deduce that Marc Bolan certainly had some electric mercurial energy going on, as the opposition to Uranus in the Natal/Draconic comparison would confirm. His own creative material would also have had a distinct Uranian flavour. This opposition would have meant that he would have been blessed with original thinking, especially in the arena of the arts, yet at the same time, he would also suffer from erratic thinking, unstable thought processes… with the devil of sheer boredom ever looming. Stumbling blocks in any artistic vision. Keeping your thinking ‘together’ is paramount in any undertaking where success is sought.

His Natal Mercury is trine Natal Uranus, a somewhat more settling experience to the Draconic opposition. Yet both connections are made at the same time between the charts…perhaps this shows that Marc could swing between both the trine aspect AND the opposition. It can be theorised that the ‘soul’ lesson in the chart was to find the happy balance… for the soul to progress forward in his lifetime. Let’s not forget that all of these ‘connections’ are happening in the 11th house of all things ‘groups’…I shall leave it to you to read the history of T-Rex and see ‘the balance’ not exactly being achieved on occasion!

Once maturity sets in – a happy medium can be achieved. Marc Bolan’s ultimate success proved that he did achieve some balance to allow progress.

Now, let’s look at the trines…Natal Mercury with Draconic Pluto & Saturn. The ‘heavies’ of the soul, concerning transformation and responsibility.

The trine with the Draconic Pluto would have heightened his thoughts to metaphysical realms. His poetry is very ‘out there’ in terms of imagery – and in many conversations, he was concerned with matters ‘other worldly’. One could say that this trine amplified his creative talents and heightened his artistic awareness. Of course, Pluto does have its ‘shadow’ side, and with Mercury in trine to the Draconic Pluto, the inner urge would be to tend towards mental manipulation – when threatened. This could take many forms, from sulking to lying, but the end game would be always to be seen as right!

Natal Mercury trine Draconic Saturn is a placement that confirms some business ability, or at least, the faculties and where-with-all to reach a good ‘deal’, innately. The Saturn sense of responsibility (the soul urge), would have been an excellent partner to the Natal Mercury, bringing concrete realisation to the creative dreams & communications of Marc Bolan. It is fair to say, his creative/communication talents were concentrated enough for him to become an icon of his age, to this day.

Natal Mercury square the Draconic Midheaven, would have put Marc Bolan on a quest to be heard, for his communications to have some meaning and perhaps, for them to last for posterity. Again, I would proffer that in his short life, Marc Bolan did indeed achieve many of the requirements for his soul’s progression. May the great MB rest in peace.

Again, I end with the Natal/Draconic comparison chart, of Marc Bolan.

Thanks again to www.astro.com for their free astrological chart service.




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