Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Pluto Analysis

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

Wayne Dyer

Welcome to the Pluto analysis! I am still comparing the Natal & Draconic charts of Marc Bolan in this article, and hope that you will take the opportunity to investigate the placements in your own Natal/Draconic chart comparisons…


The Draconic chart denotes the soul’s inner callings in this lifetime, whilst also pointing to previous incarnations and traits. The Natal is the ‘you’ in this lifetime, what you are like on an outer level, to the world. Comparing the two may bring insights previously unseen, especially where the two charts ‘join’ by aspect.

On to the transformative Pluto, we see that in Marc Bolan’s chart, his Natal Pluto is conjunct the Draconic Neptune. A potent mix of two great planetary characters…how would this play out?

It goes without saying that Pluto comes with tremendous transformative, regenerative resolves, and in the Natal 8th house, it is even more potent. The taboo is the stuff of life for these individuals. ‘Dirty sweet’…to coin a Marc Bolan song phrase!

Couple that with the Draconic Neptune, another potent astrological player, but more nebulous, creative and dreamy…what can we deduce?

That the outer Natal interest in transformation/taboo elements will be somewhat nebulous/esoteric too…and there is, of course, the added penchant for drugs with Neptune. All of this activity taking place in Leo, the sign of so many leaders in all walks of life, including rock bands!

It is clear that the heady mix of the need for transformation (Natal Pluto in the 8th), coupled with a ‘soul calling’ of wanting to taste the nebulous/esoteric in a career sense (Draconic Neptune in the 10th)…all this happening in Leo, the stereotypical showman of the Zodiac…it all points to rock star tendencies, cue Marc Bolan!

Transformation (Pluto) coming through creativity (Neptune), in its highest presentation…and on the darker rock star side, plunging the depths (Pluto) of nebulous (Neptune) confusion through the vehicle of drugs and delusion.

If transformation does indeed mean going beyond your form as Wayne Dyer attested in the opening quote of this article, it is clear that Marc Bolan made use of the transformative Plutonic/Neptunian energy in his music… morphing into an era icon…he certainly helped to transform the 70’s music scene.

Until next time – your comments and thoughts are always welcome, secretly.


18 thoughts on “Draconic Astrology – Reading the Chart: The Pluto Analysis

      • I am gutted to hear that you have experienced some folk being rubbish…in my book, you are a total warrior for speaking truth, in this crazy age…it is a noble, but hard path to tread…I for one, read your work and think you are a diamond soul πŸ™‚ Please do send me an email via my astrology blog, and I will be honoured to do your Draconic astrology chart, if you like πŸ™‚ I would need your DOB and place of birth…so best to keep it private! Sending you good vibes to negate the Twitter ones xx

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      • Too sensitive? Yes…I’ve heard that said A LOT about folk that have it just about right…as for bullies in all their forms, just know that the problem lies with them, 100% of the time, a cliche because it is so true. Shyness has it’s benefits…human’s can be cruel, but they are few…but not so far between. Have hope, always x From one ‘too sensitive’ soul to another, read: Good’ns! x

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      • Thank you. I will be honest, I am not in a good place at the moment and I have not told anyone. It will be ok. I am going to see my friend at the weekend. It’s been such a very nasty and tough journey this year. I think people see a woman alone as a weak point. It’s not the case. But still, when I try to be kind from my heart I get attacked. It’s like a perpetual cycle as though love makes hate burn harder. Sorry to put this on you. Sorry. I will be fine after a walk and I hope you are ok. I love Virgo. My best friend at school was a Virgo, there is a chapter in the book I am trying to write about her. I’d love to send it you. It’s not edited. I am dyslexic but write with my heart and imagination. You are an an amazing woman!

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      • That is okay Tiffany, I hear you. Tough journey’s do end, I have many of those T-shirts too. The best thing in any rubbish situation is to love yourself HARD, and do not believe half the things your worried mind tells you. Easily said, but from bitter experience, the only thing that works is an outrageous kindness to yourself, until you feel well enough to face the world…however long it takes. Friends and long walks are lovely, wishing you more of that…do send me your work, it would be an honour to read it. As for being dyslexic, and then but…labels are just that. Whenever you end your posts with TBH, it makes me think of ‘to be honest’..no truer words. Protect your honesty from those that can not handle it, or deserve it. I am here rooting for you πŸ™‚

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      • Gosh what an amazing response. You are so very wise and intuitive. You do have universal gifts and I believe you know it. The universe gives us what we can deal with but sometimes it can seem so overwhelming we struggle to fit in with the mediocre world. There are many of us and it’s growing. Standing up to those stuck in the 3rd dimension can save lives. They are all out to cause chaos!

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