The Multi-Talented Artist – A Natal/Draconic Chart Comparison & Analysis

“The only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart.”

William Butler Yeats

What a wonderful quote to start the following Natal/Draconic comparison of a multi-talented artist, also with the Sun in Gemini! Here is the chart of our artist to ponder and peruse:


With a mercurial Gemini Sun, the term ‘multi’ is apt for this native – they are multi-talented AND multifaceted…just like the most precious of extraordinary diamonds. We can see with the placement of the Natal Sun & Mercury both in Gemini, this soul is gifted with the spoken/written word and all forms of communication, potentially seeing stories & poems and all manner of creative dreams on every journey they ever take, spiritually, mentally…or literally.

In the Natal 5th house noted for creativity and joy, these gifts are amplified further. Couple these placements with a 6th house Venus, on the cusp of the 5th…and it is a powerful artistic combination, making for a life filled with creativity, the arts and beauty. Like all artists, they are constantly seeking creative stimulation, making for a somewhat ‘nomadic’ spirit. Travel of the mind, to enrich the heart is a strong element in this person’s creative, spiritual life quest…making for beautiful, meaningful art through the souls’ journey.

The 6th house Natal Venus confers a profound love of animals with a sense of compassionate service to all living things – in the sign of Cancer, the need to be of service is further amplified in a loving, gentle manner. It goes without saying that this native will be a ‘people’ person with a gentle, nurturing heart… but not overtly so – family and friends will mean a tremendous amount to this native, and they value these relationships immensely.

I would like to mention also, one aspect not clearly seen in the above Draconic/Natal comparison chart, which is abundantly clear in the stand alone Natal chart – a Grand Cross, composed of the Moon in opposition to the Sun and Saturn in opposition to Pluto.



Thanks again to for this image.

The Grand Cross in this amazing artists chart points to a delicate balance needing to be achieved, between feelings (Moon) & personality (Sun), and also responsibility (Saturn) and transformation (Pluto). There may be many times in the native’s life when feelings get in the way of their personality (& vice versa) and the need to be responsible gets in the way of much-needed transformation. This is all for the purpose of betterment and growth. It may well not seem like it at the time of such inner conflict, but with experience it is possible for this person to become an absolute expert on balance, going on to be of service to others who battle with the need for balance in their lives, perhaps via being a holistic or therapeutic art counsellor.

Let’s look further into the Grand Cross, to see area’s that may come to the fore, due to the house placements of the Grand Cross planets.

The Moon in the 11th house of friends/groups/collaborations… gives an abundant amount of emotion to all collective activities, and this person will need to identify emotionally in some form to all of their friends and projects. If there is no emotional connection for them, they will not usually ‘feel right’ in a group/friendship/project scenario…but may not be able to place ‘the why’ of their ‘not feeling right’. Like the Moon, these feelings may wax & wane, further adding to their ‘not feeling right’. One day they get along great with folk…the next…what happened there?! The wonders of the mysterious Moon in the 11th house!

This may be further impacted in the Grand Cross by Saturn in the 1st house of identity, and Pluto in the house love/relationships. This native is what can be termed an ‘old soul’ (Saturn), and from youth, they will identify with the feeling of being ‘older’ somehow, than their ‘gang’, giving an air of responsible work ethic and wisdom in their demeanour, which is at loggerheads with their need for transformational change with Pluto in the 7th house of love in their life. Again, the Grand Cross points to the need for balance, and this will be a life-long goal and challenge for this engaging artist in the realm of personal relationships…like all artists, they find extraordinary ways to find symmetry and patterns in life, for the betterment of their own, and others, soul growth.

With all of these aspects in mind, let’s go back to the Draconic/Natal comparison, and look for connections/differences between the charts.

The Draconic Sun is in Aries, a fire sign – it shows an inner soul fire and enthusiasm to this artist, which fans the flames of their creative airy Natal Gemini Sun. They may surprise themselves at times with the passion they have for any creative endeavour. Note also, that the Natal Venus in Cancer is conjunct the Draconic Mars…which gives a warrior type protective instinct for all beings that may be in this person’s life and also the energy to complete artistic (Venus) endeavours. They have great creative energy that needs to be spent, and if it is not…frustration can ensue! Ultimately, the soul is happy when they are creating, be it food, fiction, art or prose!

There is also a trine between the Natal Moon (emotions) and Draconic Venus (art), which again points to collaborative endeavours (11th house) in the arts, and a deep sense of emotional enjoyment in these activities.

Further, the Draconic Venus has aspects to the Natal Mercury (communications) & Natal Sun (identity/personality). The Draconic Venus in Aries points to a fiery inner creative urge that yearns to be expressed. The square aspect between the Draconic Venus & Natal Sun points to a conflict at times between just being and being creative AND of service.

The quintile aspect of Draconic Venus to the Natal Mercury denotes superb, unique communication & PR skills, especially in the realm of the arts in all their forms. This is a happy astrological union for an artist to own, and confirmation that this person is indeed on the right soul path as a multi-talented, multifaceted artist.

I hope you have enjoyed this chart interpretation. Secretly, your thoughts and comments are always welcome!



4 thoughts on “The Multi-Talented Artist – A Natal/Draconic Chart Comparison & Analysis

  1. I have just delivered your chart. You are very welcome to add it to your blog of course! Thank you so much. You are very kind and for so many reasons it will be much appreciated. I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Many shifts are taking place I am sure you will know. It that time of year again. Amazing opportunities with Lions Gate Portal. Powerful. 🙂

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