Mars in Gemini & 12th House

“You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that.”

Helen Mirren, British Actress – Mars in Gemini, 12th House.

Mars in Gemini will give the well-known aspects of the ‘Warrior’ archetype to all forms of communication for this soul. They will revel in the twists and turns of lively debate, almost feeding off controversy, to great communicative effect.

In the 12th house, often lauded as the house of all things ‘hidden’, and often feared for its elements of karmic debt and endings, the communication of this person, through art, conversation or any other medium will be powerful. I often think of the 12th house in a spiritual sense, where we learn deeply the lessons of life, and try to help ourselves and others with the hidden meanings behind the veil of superficial existence. Mars here will have fought the battles of growth in all of the other houses in the chart and will now be in a state of the battle ‘within’, rooting out the karmic issues of the lessons learned previously.

The need for solitude at times will be deep. Mars in the 12th natives often have to ‘hide’ to rejuvenate their vast energy and strength. They come back to the battle of life fully restored, to communicate their learnings in a ‘deep’ way. In the case of Helen Mirren, her striking, forceful screen presence shows a person who gives her total energy to projects, projects are chosen carefully, for their ‘deeper’ meanings. No task is taken lightly here.

Mars in the 12th is an energy that is often ‘grown’ into. When young, these natives may lack confidence in themselves, laden with all manner of conflicts to do with self-esteem – but the warrior spirit is clear (although hidden as befits the 12th house), and with time, these natives often push themselves, purposely putting themselves in positions that require oodles of confidence.

I think Helen Mirren’s quote gives weight to this interpretation…it clearly states that you have to get to a position of ‘not caring’ what other folk think. That position is only taken when the battles of confidence & self-esteem have been fought….and won. I for one, adore Helen Mirren’s performances of strength, and power…knowing indeed that this is one soul that has fought hard for her communicative power.

I hope you have enjoyed my take on Mars in the 12th, in Gemini. Your thoughts and comments are entirely welcome.

Until next time, folks.


9 thoughts on “Mars in Gemini & 12th House

  1. Helen Mirren is such a role model and so versatile. I didn’t realise she was Gemini. Well, that’s certainly something to aim towards. Not feeling very inspired by much today – then found this! Thanks for sharing another wonderful post. You are full of wisdom. Love astrological news. I believe they should offer ‘astrology’ as a subject to learn in schools. Before religion ‘solely’ took over many faiths that worked alongside the planets – we lived by the universal law. Astrology is integral to everything. There are signs I don’t gel with though. So I suppose I should not judge a book by its cover. At the moment I struggle with ‘Libra’ women and have never got along with ‘Cancerians’ for some reason? I am trying to get passed this. But I suppose we all have our better bonds. T 🙂

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