A Powerful Empath – A Natal/Draconic Chart Analysis

“Do not be afraid of your difficulties. Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity.”

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Sun in Leo & Saturn in Virgo)

Occultist, Medium, Author, Founder of the Theosophic Society.

A wonderful quote of universal truth, which many Empaths will know intrinsically. To open this analysis of an inspirational Empath’s astrological chart, firstly, let’s take a look at their Natal chart:

Empath Natal

Image Courtesy of http://www.astro.com

An Empath feels EVERYTHING. Every nuance of human emotion, every word or thought unsaid. They can feel other’s pain, deeply. Sometimes, they do not even know that this is happening to them, and take on the pain of others, as if it originated from them.

From looking at the Natal chart of this caring individual, we can see that the 8th house has a stellium of planets (Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn). A stellium is a group of four or more planets in any astrological house, and when this occurs, the ‘power’ of the house is exaggerated. We can also see the ‘True’ (North) Node in the 8th house.

The 8th house is all about all things hidden, occult. When the Sun is here, an individual will be gifted with knowing things…by just ‘knowing’. Ask them how they know, what process they use, and there can be no real explanation that science could measure – and yet…they know things, supernaturally. This can be a wonderful gift and a terrible curse. The 8th House Sun placement is a life lesson in knowing the art of tact and diplomacy. Not everyone can handle their ‘knowing’ stuff…some folk like to keep their secrets hidden, and will retaliate when presented with their skeletons, out of the cupboard for everyone to see. Retaliation or confrontation can be hard to take for an Empath, for someone who feels so deeply, and so a responsibility in holding such secret knowledge tactfully & delicately, will be developed through life experience – often traumatic experience.

Further planets in the 8th, point to this engaging Empath as being particularly gifted in rooting out hidden motives, agendas and hidden knowledge. Venus, the planet of love in the 8th will give a secretive aspect to their love approach, it will be deep and heartfelt, passionate and all-encompassing.

Add to the mix Jupiter in the 8th, as well as Saturn, and you can tell this person is incredible. They are a powerhouse of intelligence, intensity, knowledge, expansion and responsibility, deeply emotional. Every aspect of their life will be emotionally  & psychologically intense to them, with a stellium in the 8th. The need to take care of themselves will be paramount in terms of growth & potential. In fact, this native will need time away from ‘the group’ to recharge, recover and rejuvenate from all the intense activity they feel in their soul – animals/pets/music/art/nature and all non-verbal communication will be very healing for them.

Peace, meditation and quiet reflection will be their best friends and should be applied to allow an internal healing of the pain they feel, which can feel like the whole worlds….I give here, the vision of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane conversing with God to ‘pass this cup away from me’ (in relation to his forthcoming crucifixion), and then saying ‘as God wills’. A certain acceptance of this native’s gift will need to be worked towards, with the safe knowledge that all is unfolding as it should. They will need to take extra care of their deep soul, for it is incredibly powerful and delicate…all at the same time. A beautiful mix.

Looking further into the Natal chart, the 7th house has Mars & Mercury present. This person loves to talk (Mercury) to people, and their partner (7th house of relationships) will need to be a good communicator. Mars in the 7th house shows a passionate side too…this is wonderful of course, but with light… comes shadow, and so care must be taken to communicate effectively by both talking AND listening to avoid confrontation. It will not always be easy to keep their anger (Mars) in check in all relationships but as an Empath, real care must be taken with their emotional health, for it is precious and paramount to their well-being.

Our last position of interest in the Natal chart, which confirms this person’s deep and amazing ability of empathy and even psychic ability, is Neptune in the 12th house. It is clear that this person is attuned to unconscious forces that most people can not pick up on or do not wish to entertain. This native has their finger on the pulse and certainly is incredibly sensitive to unseen realms and spiritual dimensions. Again, this is a wonderful gift, that will help many of their close circle and the World at large, but real care must be taken to come back down to Earth sporadically, to ground themselves in the more humdrum aspects of life and to regain their physical/psychic strength. A practice of psychic/psychological/spiritual protection would be useful in stemming the incessant forces of Neptune that can make this Empath feel ‘lost at sea’ at times, and overwhelmed.

Now, on to the Natal/Draconic comparison of this powerful, sensitive Empath:

Empath Natal/Draconic Comparison

Image Courtesy of http://www.astro.com

The Natal Sun is in Leo, but in the Draconic chart, Pisces. This points to this person having an outwardly gregarious personality, being the life and soul of the party who often wants to shine in social situations…and yet their inner soul hankers after dreamy artistic escapes, to let their imaginations run free. Pisces are known for their empathic skills, and so it is further clear that this individual has a soul desire to work with people, helping them to heal from life’s trauma. The confidence of the Natal Leo Sun can help the Draconic Pisces Sun to achieve its aim of healing others.

The Natal Sun in Leo, is in opposition to the Draconic Mercury, in Aquarius. This points to this Empath having a wish to shine in their current life, and the opposition to the Draconic Mercury in Aquarius will result in many unconventional ideas in this respect. The way this native wants to communicate is novel and will be highly intelligent in its delivery. They may well shine in their inner ability to communicate new ideas, logically and originally.

There is a wonderful Trine that can be seen between the Natal Mercury in the 7th house of relationships, The Draconic Chiron, and the Draconic True Node. This points further to a wish to communicate in this lifetime, especially in terms of relationships, and to heal them. The Trine between these elements points to an inner desire (True Node) to work with communication in the area of healing (Chiron) relationships, especially romantic/loving ones. This could pan out in many ways, but it is clear this person would make a remarkable healing practitioner/counsellor, making use of their amazing empathic skills. With their deep and vast knowledge of the unseen, they know more than they let on, which will be to their benefit throughout their life.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this analysis of this powerful, healing person who clearly is a gift to the whole world. The world greatly needs more Empathic souls, and this chart proves that they are definitely out there.

Your thoughts and comments are always entirely welcome!


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