A Singer/Songwriter – A Chart Analysis

“Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.”

Bryant H. McGill, Human Potential Thought Leader, Author, Activist, & Social Entrepreneur.

I could not agree more with the above quote on liberty through creativity, hence my deep interest in the charts of individuals who lean to the creative arts on this blog. This article will cover an analysis of an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, comparing once again the Natal & Draconic charts.


Natal/Draconic Chart Comparison, Courtesy of http://www.astro.com

One can see from the Natal chart – with the placement of four planets in Libra – that this artist is indeed in possession of creative gifts. All of the placements occurring in the 3rd house.

The Sun in the 3rd house denotes the native’s love of communication in all its forms, in the sign of Libra. This person loves to use the arts to convey how they feel or perceive the world. As you can see from the chart, there is, in fact, a stellium (a collection of four or planets in a house or sign), residing in the house of communication. It is clear, this person wants to talk with and to the world, and will certainly do so with success, with the power planets at play here.

With the Moon residing in the 9th house of the spiritual, all creative or emotional expression from this native will have a somewhat metaphysical element, certainly dealing with matters that ‘go deep’ and far in thought and travel – as befits the 9th house. This is a wonderful placement for an artist to possess, but with all gifts, they should come with a corresponding caveat of : ‘All good things in moderation’…the emotional moon in the spiritual realms can sometimes make an individual a slave to their emotions, both positive & negative….it will be a life-long task to make sense of the many almost psychic inspirations that pervade their daily thoughts, but creating art will certainly give this artist a deep sense of emotional freedom, and expand their ever inquisitive heart & mind. An Aries Moon in the 9th house gives a determined (read: stubborn) streak to any creative/emotional endeavour, projects/relationships WILL be completed/entered into, come what may!

Note also, Neptune in the 5th house. A wonderful dreamy placement for Neptune in terms of artistic expression…This native’s music would certainly have ‘the power’ of transporting you to the unseen realms, filling your mind with dreamscapes and fantasies. A truly ‘sensitive’ developed soul.

Let’s not forget the Leo ascendant, which is known for enhancing creativity/performing arts…

Now on to the Draconic chart, and it’s comparison to the Natal chart.

Natal Sun, Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Libra – Draconic Sun, Mars, Pluto & Venus in Capricorn.

This stellium comparison shows a balancing out of the ‘airy’ Libran stellium, with the ‘earthy’ Capricorn placements. As with any stellium, it gives more power to the house in which it is situated and so this native’s deep need to communicate via the arts, is tempered with a Draconic ‘soul’ need for order, patience, responsibility and the art of listening. Excellent traits for any artist…Libran artistic endeavours always need a bit of patience and order to come to fruition, and of course…a bit of listening goes a long way in the music industry.

There could, however, often feel like a ‘tug of war’ is taking place, deep within, between the need for space and time to collect all of the Libran airy communicative inspirations…and the need for order, security and responsibility, typical Capricorn traits. Not an easy marriage at times, but one that benefits the native in soul growth. A happy balance must be reached for a peaceful equilibrium of these elements. Often found through trial and error, the native grows through learning that taking responsibility, fostering security…allows time for dreaming and creating in peace. One can not happen successfully, without the other.

Natal Mercury in Scorpio – Draconic Mercury in Aquarius

Delving into life’s mysteries will be second nature to this artist, providing ample songwriting material. Mercury, the planet of intelligence, communication and idea’s tends towards the darker elements in Scorpio, delving deep into taboo subjects with ease.

The Draconic Mercury in Aquarius is urging the soul out of the Scorpionic depths of mystery in this life, that they always seem to naturally fall into, into the realms of new-age thinking, new idea’s, and unique views about the world. The native is being urged to experiment once in a while, in an Aquarian light. Perhaps by being an innovator in the music industry, this artist finds their particular niche and subsequent fame.

Natal Saturn in 12th House, Natal Saturn Conjunct Draconic Moon in Cancer.

Natal Saturn in the 12th house denotes an artist of incredible insight. People with this placement are natural intuitive’s at exploring sadness and complex emotions, through their chosen art form. They have a profound empathy, zoning in on human troubles and giving them a voice, through creativity.

Saturn in the 12th potentially denotes a person that uses art as a form of spiritual practice that structures their existence and gives it real meaning. Being an artist gives them a deep sense of purpose, as well as a way to become a leader in their chosen field. 12th House Saturn artists tend to be looked up to, as their work is incredibly well-crafted.

The Draconic Moon conjunction to the Natal Saturn will add another layer of emotional insight and empathy to this native – often in cyclical waves, just like the Moon. Emotions seep through them, into their music, out of their very soul. The Cancerian Moon will secretly work to soften the melancholy that often goes hand in hand with a Natal 12th Saturn, bringing a comfort that there is meaning behind human suffering…and perhaps they are here to turn that suffering into art for the benefit and comfort of us all. A worthy and noble task.

Natal Ascendant Leo, Conjunct Draconic Chiron

I touched on the Leo ascendant previously, how it gives the native a desire to perform and to be ‘a star’ or leader in some form. With the Draconic Chiron, I would like to point out that whilst in a Natal chart, Chiron points to a ‘personality’ wound, in a Draconic chart…a soul wound is more to the point. Those inexplicable gut-wrenching feelings that can not be explained only understood, points to a Draconic Chiron.

Perhaps this Draconic Chiron expresses itself in the 9th house as a deep need to find higher meaning in life, a deep desire to find a spiritual path that works for them and a deep desire to travel…accompanied with a corresponding fear of desolation should their faith slip due to the horrors of life/loss and a fear of being ‘stuck’, unable to travel in any form.

The fact that Chiron is retrograde, points to karmic energies at play, work that still needs to be done for soul growth and progression.

The healing takes place for this native by finding their own spiritual path that feels comfortable and sits well with THEIR own soul…coupling that with the energies of the Natal Leo ascendant, they could use their innate creativity to express their own view of spirituality. They may find – to their surprise – that they heal so many others searching and wavering on their own spiritual path through their wonderful creativity.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the chart of a singer/songwriter…thank you for reading.

In future articles, I will touch on Draconic astrology and family relationships…until next time folks…


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