Mars in Gemini & 12th House

"You can't control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that." Helen Mirren, British Actress - Mars in Gemini, 12th House. Mars in Gemini will give the well-known aspects of the 'Warrior' archetype to all forms of communication for this soul. They will revel in the … Continue reading Mars in Gemini & 12th House


Venus in the Third House, in Cancer.

"My other family is Fleetwood Mac. I don't need the money, but there's an emotional need for me to go on the road again. There's a love there; we're a band of brothers." Stephanie Lynn Nicks, AKA Stevie Nicks (Venus in the 3rd House, in Cancer) American Singer/Songwriter. Venus in the 3rd house of communication … Continue reading Venus in the Third House, in Cancer.